Health Nuts, Healthy Nuts

We believe in feeding your health and wellness with the gifts provided by Mother Nature—in our case, yummy almonds and walnuts grown on our sunshine-y California farm. Stock up on the original, nutrient-dense superfood loaded with plant-based protein and amazing nutty flavor!



It seems nutty, but the octopus is actually the perfect mascot for the Octonuts mission.

Like us, it’s constantly learning, curious, and thirsty for more. And just like an octopus, nut farming requires a lot of hands, skills, flexibility, and an innate talent to make the best of your surroundings.

As multi-generational almond and nut growers and processors, we couldn’t shake our desire to rethink what goes into growing nuts—from soil to oil, farmer to food. So in 2020, we launched Octonuts to bring you the purest, most reliably wholesome almond and walnut products that taste so good and are so good for you.

Octonuts is KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation.

Octonuts Logo - Certified Paleo KETO Certified Paleo Vegan Grain Free by the Paleo Foundation