Oddis Nuts

Oddis Nuts

At the beginning of 1986 we signed our first grain harvest contracts. Since then we have dedicated ourselves to the sowing, selection and commercialization of grains and oilseeds.

In 1991 we decided to specialize in peanut processing. From that moment we direct all our efforts to add value to that product. Year after year we have improved the processes and the physical, technological and human resources that make them possible. Our vision continues to be to offer the best peanuts in the region, and one of world quality.



Oddis Nuts

Oddis Nuts’ Mission

In 1986 our central and priority activity was the ethical and sustainable collection of grains. As we began to grow and some years later, the possibility of sowing fields started to come into light. This lead us to produce and collect different types of cereals and oilseeds, including the peanut!

In the beginning of 1991, we wanted to add more value and elevate the primary focus of our company. After some research, we decided on the peanut and eventually chose the perfect conditioning plant. Then, in 1997, we experimented and developed peanut snacks with chocolate and fried salted peanuts. Over time and as we began to grow, we expanded our process to accommodate our success. In the most recent of times, from 2016 till now, the production and distribution of our peanut pasta and peanut butter has expanded to a wide range and variety of products all with the focus of what our customers want and deserve.

Oddis Nuts is KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation.