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The Osso Good Company crafts ridiculously good, sippable Bone Broths and Paleo Soups.  Using Organic (or better) ingredients, our products are made in small batches from our dedicated facility to ensure taste and quality are always consistent.

The Osso Good Co.’s bone broths are made in the traditional way by slowly simmering the pastured bones and roasted meat with organic vegetables, spices, organic apple cider vinegar and filtered water.  The process yields a collagen-rich and gelatin-filled bone broth full of amino acids, minerals, and nutrients designed to leave you nourished, not just full.

As consumers become more focused on convenient, clean, flavorful, and nutrient dense foods, we have become the solution.  Feel nourished not just full with our Osso Good bone broths and Paleo Soups!

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Jazz and Meredith moved across the country to begin a new adventure in San Francisco.  Jazz was working for a startup whose focus was to connect consumers with responsibly raised proteins.  Meredith left her healthcare job to focus on preventive health and attended The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  While attending school, Meredith began learning more about Food as Medicine. Bone broth hads been prescribed by Traditional Chinese Medical Doctors for thousands of years and is an excellent vehicle for Chinese herbs.  Without a single source of high quality bone broth available for purchase, they began making their own. And before they knew it, The Osso Good Co. had been born.

After simmering their bone broths for a few months, they realized they weren’t the only ones looking for a high quality bone broth, made using traditional methods and so their business began to grow exponentially.  Jazz’s brother, Toran fell in love with the mission and direction that their company was taking. Before long, Toran moved across the country to join and assist with his financial background.

The Osso Good Co. began with the understanding that the decline in our body’s health is reflected in how we create food and raise animals and ultimately what we choose to put into our bodies.  The company’s mission is to do good by the animals used, do good by the quality of the product produced, do good by the customers that support its growth, do good by the employees that help create it, and do good by the surrounding communities.

The Osso Good Co. sources responsibly raised animals from small, family run farms and 100% organic vegetables.  The product quality speaks for itself in protein and collagen content as well as the ridiculously good flavors! In addition to quality ingredients, making a difference in customers’ lives and providing great service are top priorities for the Osso Good team.  Last but not least, 1% of profits are donated back to the communities that need it most.

Osso Good Co is KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation.