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We believe food is the most powerful human connector. To protect that superpower, we work to defend the dignity of food.

At Sir Kensington’s, we see food as a dialogue—an opportunity to shorten the distances between us, be they geographic, cultural, or ideological. And while this may seem grand, it doesn’t need to be. Our smallest personal choices in food can make the biggest impact. We choose to begin making our impact by connecting people with one of the smallest players on the modern plate—the condiment.

Since then, we continue to make condiments, but have realized they are a vehicle to do so much more. We came to learn that we have the opportunity to build a company with integrity that makes a positive contribution to society and to honor food by moving it forward.



CoFounders, Scott Norton and Mark Ramadan


How: Our Mission

To reimagine ordinary and overlooked food with fearless integrity and charm.

We realized that while food was evolving for the better, condiments weren’t. So, we set out to create a ketchup that we actually wanted to eat, with clean and considered ingredients like whole tomatoes and less sugar. Since then, we’ve launched mayonnaise, mustard, ranch, and Fabanaise—and made lots of friends along the way. With a commitment to better quality, better sourcing practices, and amazing flavor, every ingredient is Non-GMO Project verified and every egg is Certified Humane Free Range. Today, you can find our condiments in hundreds of leading restaurants, thousands of leading retailers, and millions of meal-kit boxes across the country. And we’ve only just begun.


Who: Sir Kensington. Knighted for taste.

Sir Kensington is the living spirit of our brand—our inspiration. He guides us to settle only for the finest ingredients, the purest experiences, the most honest of practices and most importantly, to make the most delicious food for real people. Much like Sir Kensington himself, everything we make and do must have both integrity and charm in balance. Not simply one or the other.

Plate: Food is not a thing, it’s an experience.

We create stand-out sensory experiences that connect people to each other, to nature, and to culture. Tasting Sir Kensington’s should remind you why you love food in the first place.

People: People make food great

We use food to create healthy connections for people–to each other and to better livelihoods. Whether it’s our own team, our stakeholders, or the global cultures whose food we honor, we treat people right.

Planet: The Environment is a shared resource

We make good food possible by addressing the environmental crisis, promoting animal welfare, and preserving biodiversity.

Sir Kensington’s is KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation.




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