Snackin’ Free Bakery & Cafe

Snackin’ Free Bakery & Cafe

We invite you to Taste the Difference of Snackin’ Free.

Snackin’ Free pairs low glycemic sweeteners with high fiber flours and nut meals to create an array of delicious and nutritious foods including paleo breads, tortillas, pizzas, and sandwiches, barbecue sauce and salad dressings, as well as cupcakes, cookies and various other baked goods, cereals and more all made in a completely dedicated facility by team members whose own dietary restrictions have made them devotees to the brand’s quest for great taste with simplicity and honesty.



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Snackin’ Free Bakery & Cafe

Our Mission

Hi, my name is Laura Savinovich. I am the founder of and head baker at Snackin’ Free, a completely dedicated gluten, grain, dairy, soy and peanut free bakery-cafe in Murrieta, CA. I started on this journey after suffering for several years with pain, weight gain and severe fatigue associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I began by searching through my own family recipes and started scouring the book stores and internet to find recipes that could be transformed into those tasty treats and baked goods I remembered but was unable to find in the stores. After much experimentation, reformulation and manipulation with ingredients that were foreign to me I began to test my creations on family and friends with great results.


Snackin’ Free Bakery & Cafe is KETO Certified, by the Paleo Foundation

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