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We Remember It Like It Was Yesterday

How truwhip Was Born, That Is.

Not too long ago, there weren’t many options for whipped topping in your local grocery. You could make whipped cream yourself, or you could pick up the store-bought stuff — the stuff packed with unhealthy, unnatural mystery additives.

Well, we didn’t think either of those choices was all that great. So we enlisted the help of some really smart people: to name just two, a brilliant food scientist and a seasoned natural foods expert.

They experimented. They taste tested. They taste tested some more. (We helped.) And they whipped together combo after combo of delicious, all-natural ingredients made by the one and only Mother Nature. Until finally—

Ta-daaa! truwhip Original was born. And then, truwhip Skinny and truwhip Vegan, to give our friends with calorie counts and plant-based diets some tru-ly natural sweetness, too.

We made truwhip to make guilt-free dessert and little moments of joy that much sweeter — just for us, and just for you. We hope you enjoy.

truwhip is KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation.

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