Yumi Yumi

Yumi Yumi

Yumi® is a healthy food that helps you get to the best version of yourself!

Our matured beef snacks are a healthy food that promotes a protein- based diet , low in carbohydrates and sugars.
With roots in southern Africa, Biltong is a super healthy food, delivering functional nutrients. Due to its various health benefits, it encompasses the food group known as superfoods.

Our biltong is a healthy food / snack that is:
super practical
excellent source of protein
slow maturation process = conservation of functional nutrients
compatible with a ketogenic lifestyle . and paddle
Helps in weight loss
Satiates and releases energy regularly throughout the day

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What is Yumi Yumi®?

Yumi Yumi is biltong: a premium matured beef snack based on a South African technique using Chilean raw materials, and made in Chile.

It is a pleasant, purely protein and practical snack compatible with the lifestyle based on the keto diet – 25g sachets, easy to carry and eat “on-the-go”, which provides the necessary proteins for the proper functioning of the body.

It is an everyday and popular snack like jerky is in Chile, but if we had to categorize it in our gastronomy it is, without a doubt, gourmet jerky that has a unique production process.

Biltong is a type of dry-aged meat previously treated with salt and vinegar and marinated with spices. It can be made with different types of meat such as chicken, ostrich or gazelle, and they are dried to different degrees of dryness according to taste. The traditional recipe includes black pepper (which is why it is a bit spicy ) and coriander.


With this natural process, a product is obtained with a high percentage of quality proteins (around 47% , which can go up to 67%), low fat content (less than 5%) and almost no sugars.

Yumi Yumi® is a keto snack.

Does not contain: nitrates / nitrites / monosodium glutamate (gms).

It is a keto friendly dehydrated healthy snack food.

We make our biltong with premium lean beef. Yumi Yumi® does not contain gms, nitrates or nitrites. We use Chilean sea salt and apple cider vinegar and Chilean spices such as merkén. We have achieved a product with a perfect texture and degree of humidity, which highlights the added flavor.

Yumi Yumi is KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation.

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