Steps to Keto Certification

steps to Keto Certification Keto Certified Standards

Steps to Keto Certification


Step 1: Application.

Your application is the first active step towards Keto Certification.  The Paleo Foundation Team will maintain your company information in the strictest confidence. 


Step 2: Preliminary Audit

After the application is submitted, The Paleo Foundation will request ingredient statements from suppliers to ensure that the product complies with the Keto Certified Standards. This process takes an average of 6-8 weeks.  In the event that a product cannot be certified, a refund in full will be issued to the applicant.


Step 3: Agreement

Once your products have been audited by the Paleo Foundation Team and have successfully met compliance with Keto Certification Standards, an agreement will be drawn up and sent via  The agreement outlines the approved use of the Paleo Foundation’s trademarked Keto Certified labels.


Step 4: Certification

Once the agreements have been signed by both parties, you will receive Keto Certified Logos and a Letter of Approval and Permissions granting you to display trademarked logos on Keto Certified product packaging, website, and marketing materials.


Step 5: Promotion

When you have met Keto Certified Standards and completed the Keto Certification process, your products will be listed on the Paleo Foundation and Keto Certified website.  A Paleo Foundation representative will connect you with our Social Media team who will work with you to promote your products through social media and other marketing channels.  


Step 6: Renewal

Licensing must be renewed at the end of your agreement period to maintain the status of your products. 1-3 months prior to your renewal period,  an administrator from the Paleo Foundation will request updated documentation reflecting changes since your initial evaluation.  Adherence to Keto Certified Standards must be maintained throughout your licensing period as outlined in the agreement.