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MyForest Foods

We slice and season MyBacon using minimal ingredients for an undeniably irresistible, classic bacon-y experience.

A whole new way to meatless. You can stop dreaming, ‘cause it’s here: A plant-based bacon so good, you’ll double-check the label to make sure it’s not meat. Our farm-grown mycelium gives MyBacon a remarkable taste and texture, unlike any plant-based food we’ve tried (…that’s ‘cause it’s fungi).

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About the Brand

MyForest Foods was born with a mission to feed the future. Yet when our company launched in Spring, 2020, we were lucky if we could feed our staff! The technology in place limited our growing capabilities to very small batches of mycelium—a.k.a. MyBacon’s main ingredient.

It was November 2020 when we delivered our first shipment of MyBacon to the Honest Weight Food Co-op in Albany. We knew we could scale that technology to produce literal tons of mycelium. We also knew the trial and error process would be intensive. Fungi are powerful, elusive organisms. Each time we expanded our production goals, we had a new set of obstacles to overcome. Training a dog is one thing. Training a mushroom is another! But with perseverance, patience, and learning, it can indeed be done.


What is Mycelium?
  • Mycelium is the root structure of fungus such as Mushrooms. We’ve turned it into food by growing it indoors—in big, WHOLE pieces that can be sliced up just like bacon.
What is the best way to cook MyBacon?
  • 1. Heat your favorite pan on the stove-top, medium-high. 2. MyBacon comes pan-ready, pre-coated in coconut oil. (If any oil sticks to the package, brush it in for extra sizzle.) 3. Cook each strip 6 to 8 minutes. Flip it! Flip it real good. And often, to avoid scorching. 4. IMPORTANT! When slices are lifted and stay straight (like airplane wings), it’s time to eat. 5. Best when enjoyed immediately!
Can I freeze MyBacon?
  • MyForest Foods recommends only refrigerating your MyBacon product to enjoy the best taste possible.
What makes MyForest Foods so different?
  • Our products have No binders or fillers, no Preservatives, no gluten (Whoo-hoo!), and no dairy or soy!
Are MyForest Food products farm-grown?
  • Yes! MyForest Foods products are all farm-grown and plant-based certified.