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Phat Fudge

Let’s be honest, you’re too busy crushing life to worry about weird, hidden junk in your food.

After years of fueling my athlete, actor, and executive clients with this proprietary blend of beneficial fats and performance enhancing ingredients, I created Phat Fudge so I could share my masterpiece with the whole world. Phat Fudge is everything you need (and nothing that you don’t) to level-up your day.

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About the Brand

In April of 2014 in Venice, California I shared the original #unicornfuel version on and then it hit me, why not make this into something people can always enjoy? The first batch of Phat Fudge came out and after becoming a sensation on Instagram, my fans convinced me to make my product into portable squeeze packets. After my first test run and selling out in only an hour, and then selling out week after week in less than one second… I knew I was onto something big.

Finally I made the big step forward and go into the world of CPG manufacturing. After a tiring 30+ calls I finally landed the gig with a co-packer who was willing to work with a new business. I decided to do a presale in order to meet the co-packer’s 25,000 packed minimum. After getting the minimum, our packets were finally here! But now, I had to find a new co-packer to produce our next run of 50,000 packets. Finally after trial and error, I found my match made in heaven allowing me to grow the company from it’s humble beginnings into a brand that has made its way into over 30 retail locations and online sales are growing month after month all thanks to you!


How does the subscription program work?
  • Subscription members sign up for a 6 or 12 pack box of Phat Fudge to be sent to them on a 1 month or 3-month basis. So each month you receive one box of either 6 or 12 packets at a discount! You can cancel any time after receiving your first three months. Members have the option to change the quantity with which they order or to put items on hold at any time.
Why should I get a subscription?
  • The subscription system is a great way to get all your Phat Fudge at a 20% discount.
How much does it cost? Are there hidden fees?
  • No hidden fees ever. You can add as many boxes as you want monthly and receive the discount on each box.
Can I pause my subscription?
  • Yes, you can skip a month on your subscription at any time free of charge and it will resume after one month, unless you skip it again.
When does my subscription end?
  • Subscription members can choose to cancel at any time after receiving your first three shipments.