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Sports Research Corporation

All our Vitamins and Dietary Supplements are manufactured and bottled in GMP compliant and certified facilities.

We also test our products for purity before we encapsulate them, and then we have an independent third-party lab do a second assessment afterward to ensure quality. With our track your lot feature, you as a customer can actually view the Certificate of Analysis and 3rd party testing of the Sports Research product you purchased, to verify that what is on our label is exactly what is in our product.

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About the Brand

Jeff Pedersen was a promising athlete ready for the big leagues. He attended Fermin Lasuen High School in San Pedro where he earned 9 varsity letters and held numerous records. He was voted Athlete of the Year in 1968 and was a high round draft pick by the Chicago Cubs, but he chose a USC baseball scholarship instead. At USC, he was the first player in NCAA college history to start on three straight National Championship baseball teams, serving as team captain in 1972, and was selected to represent USC in the Pan American Games.

Jeff developed Sweet Sweat in the late 1970s for his 500-member athletic club to help enhance and accelerate their workout programs. Although it took almost four years of daily physical testing on himself as well as his club members to get the product right, the results were so impressive and immediate that friends of the members were asking if they could also use Sweet Sweat. A decision was then made to put this “one of a kind” fitness product on the market in 1980. Present day Sports Research carries over forty skus, and Sweet Sweat has now mushroomed to being exported to 53 countries around the world and is used by amateur and professional athletes in bodybuilding, boxing, football, mixed martial arts, track and field, and other sports to substantially improve circulation, energy, and sweating.


What is MCT oil?
  • MCT is made from a fat called medium-chain triglycerides. Although, these molecules are smaller, making them easier to digest and turn into more energy.
What are collagen peptides?
  • Collagen peptides are derived from animal collagen in small pieces. It’s often used for healthy skin and improved joint mobility.
How long has Sports Research Corporation been in business?
  • Established in 1980, Sports Research is a family owned & operated company dedicated to providing the highest quality health & wellness products that complement your healthy lifestyle. We believe in our products because we only use the best raw materials, sourced from the finest suppliers in the industry.
Where is Sports Research Corporation located?
  • Our office headquarters are located in San Pedro, California with our main warehouse nearby in Torrance, CA. We connect with our true fanbase on a global scale, connecting at trade shows and through social media outreach.

Brand Recipes

This is your sign to swap your traditional Espresso Martini for a Matcha Collagen Martini.
It’s time to dig into something healthy and satisfying like this Kale Salmon Salad.
This Iced Orange Latte is meant for early fall sippin’.
One of the dishes we love from Erewhon is their signature Dandelion Quinoa salad.
Cancel your brunch plans and meet your short cut to a scrumptious cinnamon roll.
There’s no better way to embrace the summer energy than with a Tropical Island Smoothie Bowl.