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Keto Claims in Canada Rules and Regulations Main Image (1)

Keto Claims in Canada: Rules and Regulations

The Ketogenic Diet is one of the most popular diets across North America due to its ability to help people to lose weight quickly.

Elizabeth Stein of Purely Elizabeth

Purely Elizabeth Premium Granolas and Hot Cereals

The goal was simple: provide healthier, better-tasting alternatives to what is currently out there using the incredibly powerful superfoods.

What Are We Eating Brand Trust Increases Sales Blog Main Image

What Are We Eating? Brand Trust Increases Sales

The concept of trust may initially appear to be a warm and fuzzy but it delivers cold, hard results to your business. Studies have shown the strong connection between trust in a brand and its sales.

Ketogenic Diet Research 2019 Blog Main Image

Ketogenic Diet Research 2019

The keto diet has information constantly being discovered about it. In this report, the ketogenic diet is observed through the lens of various studies combined with their findings and background.

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6 Keto Certified Brands to Watch

The rising awareness among consumers regarding the benefits associated with the keto diet is driving the increasing demand for keto-friendly, convenient, and high-quality foods.

3 Foods You Should and Shouldn’t Eat on a Keto Diet

3 Foods You Should and Shouldn’t Eat on a Keto Diet

Following the keto diet sounds simple enough: Just stay within 20 to 30 grams of net carbohydrates each day to stay in ketosis, with your protein consumption making up 25%, at most, of the total calories you consume. 

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Top 10 Keto Diet Benefits

Chances are, you’ve heard of — or perhaps even have a few friends or family members who are currently following — the ketogenic diet or “Keto Diet.”  You may even be considering following it yourself!