Carrington Tea Co LLC

Carrington Tea Co LLC

Starting out as a small tea company, they’ve grown into more simple and clean products for customers.

Carrington Tea Co LLC (Carrington Farms) ensures that they have the very best ingredients sourced for their customers. Their products are keto-friendly, health conscious, and clean. Their brand began to transform to include flax paxs, coconut oil, beetroot mixes, and more than just tea!



Carrington Farms CEO

Carrington Farms’ Mission

Carrington Tea was born in 1999 between close friends and quickly took off due to the show Dynasty and landed their first success with Shop Rite. After the tea business began to take off, one of the owners (David) decided that our bodies need to be fueled with good things in order to feel our best.

Their first product other than tea was their flax seed packs, flax paxs. It was then that Carrington Tea Co LLC turned into Carrington Farms! Due to believing in their mission to make quality products, they met the farmers they sourced from in the Philippines which led to the creation of their coconut oil. Now, with the help of other family members, their company has grown exponentially with new employees, new products, and new ideas!

Carrington Farms is KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation.