Good Culture: Cottage Cheese

Good Culture: Cottage Cheese

At Good Culture, we believe that if you eat good things, and surround yourself with good, you’ll feel good. Simple as that.

That’s why we decided to create a cultured foods company that offers real food and simple ingredients from trusted sources, promotes good health, and tastes delicious. At Good Culture, our mission is to make real healing foods available to people without hurting the planet or our animals. Our cultured dairy products are full of clean protein, live and active cultures, and have none of the bad stuff like preservatives, added hormones or gums.All of our products are rich in probiotics to support a healthy gut and boost immunity.

Good Culture sources all of our dairy from pasture-raised cows who roam freely on grass in the heart of the USA. You can taste the difference.

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Good Culture’s Mission

Being active guys ourselves, cottage cheese has long been one of our high-protein go-tos. But it was always a challenge to find a quality cottage cheese that wasn’t loaded with bad stuff and grandma’s watery curd just wasn’t cutting it. After years of searching, we decided to take matters into our own hands, and in 2014, Good Culture Cottage Cheese was born. In order to fix cottage cheese, we needed it to have certain qualities that met our standards of integrity. Good Culture delivers high protein, organic and non-gmo ingredients, pasture-raised milk from respected cows that roam free on sustainable family farms, live and active cultures (our tummies thank us daily), no additives (stabilizers, thickeners, artificial preservatives, gross) and unique sweet varieties that taste amazing. We made cottage cheese, but better.

Good Culture makes a variety of cultured dairy products, starting with cottage cheese and sour cream. Our cottage cheese comes in 2% low-fat, 4% whole milk, and our latest and greatest, a 6% double cream. We have fruit-on-the-bottom flavors as well, from strawberry, to pineapple, and blueberry acai chia. All of our dairy comes from pasture-raised cows, who roam freely on grass in the heart of the US. The “good” in Good Culture doesn’t just refer to our products. Good Culture has partnered with 1% for the Planet to support and protect our environment. Each time a consumer purchases a cup of Good Culture, 1 percent of the sale goes to a global network of nonprofit organizations dedicated to protecting the earth. In 2018, through 1% for the Planet, we proudly partnered with Kiss the Ground, whose efforts provide regenerative agriculture resources and training to farmers in hopes of reversing climate change. It’s our way of helping the earth heal itself. Our 2018 Kiss the Ground partnership and donation allowed for 8 producers to attend Kiss the Ground’s Soil Healthy Academy training. In addition, the donation sent 2 producers to Savory training, and provided soil testing for all producers.

Good Culture is KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation.