TOOM is a family run business based off a family recipe that provides delicious garlic dips.

The garlic dips made by Toom are no ordinary dips. Crafted with speciality flavors like honey chipotle or pesto, these unique snacks make the perfect appetizer or ingredient! They boast gluten free, low carb, and dairy free options with all of their dips making it a great fit for anyone..



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Our Mission

Toom was founded on nothing more than guts, gumption, and a unique family recipe. It’s founder, Matt Joyce, spent years perfecting his family’s dip recipe. Since it’s founding, it has remained true to it’s beginnings and is a family-run brand dedicated to each other.

By not sacrificing flavor for health, Toom has made these delicious garlic dips is gluten free, dairy free, and has no artificial preservatives. Matt and his family wanted to keep their brand fun, friendly, and full of personality to represent that values that they hold most in their family. The TOOMs brand gives back to it’s community and supports budding entrepreneurs by presenting the “Kaitlin Kickstart Award” in memory of a close friend.


Toom is KETO Certified, by the Paleo Foundation

Toom Logo - KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation