Smart About Carbs

Carbolicious follows the well-known theory, adopted by the American Diabetes Association, “low-carbers” & diabetics worldwide which states that FIBER & SUGAR ALCOHOLS AND ESPECIALLY ERYTHRITOL MAY BE SUBTRACTED FROM THE TOTAL CARBS COUNT, due to their near-zero-impact on blood sugar levels.

All the ingredients we use in our products scrupulously follow this principle, ensuring consistent low carb counts and low glycemic indices.

We use Almond flour which, in addition to being lowest in carbs and glycemic index is also gluten-free.

We sweeten the taste of our baked goodies with Erythritol. It’s the most costly sugar alcohol, but has ZERO glycemic impact (0.0% glucose equivalent and 0.2 calories/gram compared to, say, xylithol with 13% glucose equivalent and contains 3 calories/gram.)

We don’t use additives or preservatives. Fresh, delicious and healthy baking is all we proudly care about!




In our Brooklyn, NY family-owned bakery, customers are important to us. Many of them become friends, as we get to know them through the stories they share.

From these daily exchanges, we have developed our own story, one where friendship and customer appreciation made Carb-0-licious.

One cold winter day, a seemingly new customer entered our bakery. As we greeted each other, we realized he was actually a dear friend we hadn’t seen in a while. His appearance had changed so much that a 50 lb weight loss had made him a new person. As he explained the benefits of embracing a low-carb diet, an idea took shape in our minds. Inspired by his enthusiasm, we began looking at ways to incorporate more healthy choices into our menu. From here we worked on adapting our classic, well-loved recipes into a wide range of diet-friendly options. Now, all of our products are low-carb, diabetic-friendly, and delicious, as our product line continually expands to meet the tastes and needs of our most discerning customer.

Today, every bite you take off a Carb-0-licious baked good contains ingredients essential to that story. We begin with our recipes, crafting fine baked goods from scratch. Everything we prepare from our kitchen is hands on. Through mixing our dough to watching it rise, we bake our products oven fresh and ready to order.

From humble beginnings, we’ve extended outside the neighborhood to include shipping service to your door, anywhere in the U.S. We encourage your exploration of our online store, stocked with home-style favorites and new satisfying discoveries.


Carbolicious is KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation.

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