One serving of siggi’s yogurt uses 4x the amount of milk as a regular cup of yogurt, making a thick, protein-rich yogurt.

At Siggi’s, they make yogurts with simple ingredients and not a lot of sugar. Their products are based on Scandinavian dairy traditions, such as skyr, the traditional Icelandic yogurt. Also, their products don’t contain any of those dreadful artificial sweeteners. They only use milk from family farms who do not use growth hormones like rBST.

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Our Mission

Siggi’s began in 2005 when its founder was missing a classic from his childhood. Skyr, a thick and creamy yogurt from Iceland. The yogurts in the U.S felt too sugary for his liking and full of artificial flavors. Siggi’s reintroduces yogurt while incorporating Icelandic customs and taste.

Using his mother’s recipe, Siggi Hilmarsson made skyr in his tiny New York City apartment. Within only a few months, he was able to quit his job and pursue Siggi’s full time. Their products do not contain any artificial preservatives, thickeners, sweeteners, flavors, or colors. They use family farms in Upstate New York and Wisconsin and naturally sources all of their ingredients.


Siggi’s is KETO Certified, by the Paleo Foundation

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