Fresh Press Farms

Fresh Press Farms

Fresh Press Farms takes making oil to the next level with their unique cold press technique and the freshest oil around.

Whether it be pecan oil or traditional olive oil, Fresh Press Farms has it and everything in between. They believe in minimally processed foods that improves your health. Locally produced and vertically integrated, they grow, harvest, cold press, bottle and distribute their oils in Georgia to ensure top-notch quality and a quick trip from grove to pantry.


Fresh Press Farms Owner

8th Wonder Tea’s Mission

At Fresh Press Farms, they care immensely about their people. They offer world class health insurance for farmers and employees alike. In their home state of Georgia, a mere 15% of agricultural workers are offered health insurance. They’re out to set an example and challenge the status quo by offering their hardworking farmers the best of the best for their health and safety, and hope that soon everyone will follow suit.

With Fresh Press Farms, you know you’re getting a healthy, delicious pantry staple right from the source. Unlike many other oils on the market, their oils are never rancid, stale, over-processed, or adulterated with fillers or artificial preservatives. They are proud to bring freshness, transparency, nutrition, and unmatched flavor back to the oil aisle.

Fresh Press Farms is KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation.