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Tender Belly

The Tender Belly Difference

Our commitment to quality starts with our Heritage Hogs, meaning hogs with good genes from long, documented bloodlines.

Our Signature Recipe

Our bacon comes from the ultra-tender bellies of Heritage breed hogs and gets its standout flavor from our signature dry rub that co-founder Erik perfected using his culinary background and the highest-quality, freshest ingredients possible. We slow-cure our bacon, and we mean slow. We give it a full 12 days to absorb the exceptional flavor of the dry rub. Of course, we can’t tell you everything that goes in it, but we’ll tell you why it’s so delicious.

The Dry Rub

Our signature dry rub recipe is critical to the flavor of our bacon and we spare no expense in getting it right. We start by hand-selecting the best ingredients and grinding the spices right before we rub them. Real, late-season maple sugar from Vermont. And specialty spices from our custom spice blenders. Nothing we put into our dry rub is processed. Ever. Basically, it’s the best rub we can make. And it shows.

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About Tender Belly

Founded by Shannon and Erik Duffy, two brothers from Iowa, Tender Belly’s benchmark for taste and quality is re-setting the industry standard. We believe there’s a better way to bacon.

Tender Belly

Shannon and Erik Duffy, Founders

Our obsession with quality goes beyond our final product to the lives our hogs live and how they’re treated. It’s at the core of our quality promise. Not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because it results in the best tasting pork money can buy.

We invest in ingredients that meet the insanely high standards we set for our meats. But most importantly, we take our time. We believe that’s the one thing that sets our pork apart from the rest. Giving our hogs time to mature, taking our time searching for the best ingredients we can find, and allowing our bacon to dry cure for two weeks and smoking it for eight hours.

That’s some serious patience and it’s the key to the finest pork that’ll ever grace your mouth.

Tender Belly pushes the limits on premium pork and creates amazing products under a brand known for being ‘Certified Awesome.’ We make every effort to be environmentally conscious; choosing farms close to processing plants to cut down unnecessary transportation, promoting feed that is good for the environment, along with insulated, biodegradable wrapping, making sure everything is sourced with care.

Tender Belly Mission

What We Stand For:
To push the limits in everything we do and create amazing products under a brand known and respected for always being Certified Awesome.

It takes a little longer and costs a little more to be Certified Awesome, but it’s worth it
If our name is on it, we put our best into it
We relentlessly pursue being better because we can
People love and trust our brand because we strive to over-deliver on taste, quality and service

The Farms

We partner with farms across the country and farmers who treat the hogs with care and provide the best conditions possible, including:
No antibiotics, ever
Vegetarian fed

We go to great lengths to keep our hogs happy and healthy – not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it turns out that happy, healthy pigs taste better too.

Heritage Breeds

Our Heritage breed hogs are Old World pigs raised without antibiotics, crate-free and vegetarian fed. They take longer to grow and mature to market weight, but the extra fattiness leads to more marbling, which means more tender meat with better flavor and juciness. When you taste Tender Belly pork, you just know it’s different…and you go for seconds.

Tender Belly Signature Blend Bacon. The Best Tasting Bacon Money Can Buy.

Doing Things Better

At Tender Belly we pay serious attention to where food is raised or grown and how it’s processed. From our pork itself to the other spices and ingredients we use to create our premium products, we make sure everything is sourced with care. We make ever effort to be humane and environmentally conscious. We choose farms close to our processing plants to cut down on unnecessary transportation. We promote feed that is good for the environment, much of which comes from the same farms that raise our hogs. We ship our product in insulated, biodegradable wrapping when possible. And we’re always looking for new ways of doing things better.

Tender Belly has been KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation.

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