Mulay’s Sausage

Mulay’s Sausage

At Mulay’s, we only use the highest quality, antibiotic free Heritage pork with top quality spices. No fillers, no sugar, just spices that enhance the great flavor of superior pork raised with sustainable and compassionate farming practices. Our commitment to only using the best ingredients in our family’s century old recipes, means you can feel confident that you are serving your family great tasting sausage that is antibiotic free, nitrate free, Certified Gluten Free, allergen free, and Certified Paleo.

  • No Antibiotics Ever!
  • Nitrate free
  • 100% vegetarian fed
  • No pesticides applied on hogs
  • No Growth Hormones
  • No Ractopamine
  • Raised in accordance with general compassionate Farming standards
  • Animals free to move around root and care for their young
  • Cages, crates and tie stalls are forbidden. NO GESTATION STALLS!
  • Product of the U.S.A.


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After a visit to New York, where we witnessed the sale of thousands of pounds of sausage with “peppa’s and onions”, we decided link up some of my Nana’s sausage to sell at the 4th of July Festival in Crested Butte back in 1990. One Kitchen Aid, 12 hours, and 400 links later we were ready to go. Armed with homemade bread, sautéed peppers and onions and our prized links, made using my Nana’s recipe, we set up our booth, put up a sign, and opened shop. Four hours later we were sold out!

Today our families Natural Tradition lives on! Mulay’s Sausage is carefully crafted according to a centuries-old family recipe from Sicily, lovingly passed down through the generations. Simple, premium quality ingredients and a passion for out-of-this-world taste is what makes our products stand out.


You can find Mulay’s in 40 states throughout the Western US. We are working hard to expand our list of retailers in your area! Please tell your favorite stores to start carrying Mulay’s and let us know where you would like to see us sold.


Mulay’s is committed to providing the highest quality, premium, natural, and traditional products on the market while offering trusted, respected, reliable service, building customer loyalty and establishing a national brand.

Let Mulay’s take you back to a slower, simpler time when food was made to be enjoyed and family and friends truly appreciated.  From our family to yours… Enjoy!

Mulay’s Sausage is KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation.






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